Champside Boulders

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Walk along the road that crosses the stream in the campsite in a westerly direction towards Clanwilliam and back onto the main dirt road. After 100-200m look out for a big steep prow to your left with a prominent open-book on its western side. This should be opposite the gate on the other side of the road. Some problems are found close to the road, on the prow but mostly behind the prow slightly to the right. A rough path leads up from the road. The classic ‘Kingdom of the Sky’ can be found in this area.

Rocklands champside.gif

Redlight District – A 1. JUTTA V3/6A+ 2. BLACK SCORPION V3/6B

Redlight District – B 1. LELA V2/5 2. NORA V2/5 3. MANDY V3/6B 4. JUDITH V6/7A

Redlight District – C 4. STEPP SOCKL IN HOCHFORM ?

The Egg Files – D 1. THE EGG FILES V8/7B Klem Loskot 1998

D left of Egg Files1. Fender Bender 7c+ Christian Core 2005

Boulder E 1. SCHANNTALL V6-7/7A+

Boulder F 1. EASYHASI ? 2. LISA V4/6B+

The Kingstone 1. GARDEN ROUTE V2/5+ 2. SCHANI IS CLIPPING CHAINS V4/6B+ 3. KINGDOM IN THE SKY V9-10/7C ***** Standing start in the middle of the face, climb diagional seam to the top. First Ascent: Klem Loskott 4. WHERE DO YOU GO FROM HERE? V8-9/7B+ *** Sit start with left on a big sidepull and right on an edge, launch up to good hold and top out.

Boulder H 1. BLEAUESQUE V8-9/7B+

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