Corridor Buttress

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Main Buttress

Currently there are two routes descriptions printed in "Cape Peninsular Select", that of Vertigo (16) and Corridor Heights (15), however in the 1973 Journal there are another 3 lines mentioned but without route descriptions: Cuspidor, Corridor Triangle and Corridor Gable. All three of these routes are on the climbers left of the buttress. From evidence on the wall there are more routes left of these lines, and if you have any more information on these routes please

update this wiki accordingly.


A small crag low on Corridor Buttress.

Approach Follow the pipe track extension around from Slangolie Buttress untill Corridor buttress comes into view. Take a right fork that heads past the crag.

Descent Walk down around the left side (facing the crag)

Unatural Selections (20R)

Good climbing up to the left side of the small roof (with black streaks above). Then run-out to the top.

FA: R. Halsey, Oct 2015

The Chickens are Restless (17)

Follow the black streaks up and over the right side of the small roof.

FA: W. Gans, Oct 2015

Escape from Good Fortune (21)

Takes a diagonal break passing the left side of the larger roof on the right side of the crag. Tricky move near the top.

FA: W. Gans, Oct 2015

Wildlife Preserves (23)

Start from a boulder by two vertical white stripes. Straight up to the roof. Pull through and follow the thin vertical crack. When this peters out tend slightly right up the face.

FA: R. Halsey, Oct 2015


1. Unatural Selections, 2.The Chickens are Restless, 3.Escape from Good Fortune, 4. Wildlife Preserves.