Eagle Mountain

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Please Note:

  • The route descriptions that follow are listed from south to north - Mooihoek, then Mt Everest and then Eagle's Head.
  • On each of the major peaks, the climbing areas are listed anti-clockwise (left to right) around each mountain.
  • Boulders that are more or less below one another on the slopes of a mountain are generally listed in an uphill sequence.
  • Individual routes are listed, with a few exceptions, from left to right on the main faces and anti-clockwise around each boulder.


The striking profile of this mountain leaves no doubt as to the origin of its name. To get there, from reception drive west, keeping on the main track all the way, after about 1.7 kms a 2nd small pond is seen on right. From here the road is bricked and winds up steeply toward the mountain for a few hundred metres until you arrive at the large Arendskop Chalet (a wonderful place to stay!). Park off the road at least 100m before the Chalet to avoid intruding on the privacy of the occupants.

Overview & Map

The Nursery; Eagle Crag; Comfort Zone; Eagle's Head

  • The Nursery; Eagle Crag; Comfort Zone; Eagle's Head

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