Elands Bay

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Elands Bay
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Climbing TypeTrad and Bouldering
Rock TypeSandstone
SeasonAll year
ProvinceWestern Cape
AreaWest Coast

How to get there

The climbing is located just south of Elands Bay. From Elands Bay follow the coastal road (gravel) around baboon point. The best place to park is near the train tunnel exit.

Accommodation & Food

Stay at the municipal campsite or one of the many accommodation options in town.

Attractions & Activities

Elands is super popular with surfers, windsurfers etc.


The climbing is super convenient with a walk-in of about 5 minutes.

Trad -> Check out the MCSA articles on the trad climbing. Routes are about 30-50m on good rock, similar to Cederberg. Plenty of potential for further routes. Easy walk down via the descent gully. Not much traffic so expect dust, dassie poop etc.

When to go

Climb in the morning shade SE wind - The area is somewhat protected (faces WSW) but may be prone to schlawk

Map / Area Photo

Main Area with descent gully


Symphony of Pistons

The climb starts about 5m to the right of a large overhang, and ascends the main brown faces to the left of the descent gully.

1. 15m F3 (17): Climb the shallow open book to below a small roof. Traverse right and climb the corner to a large ledge (sling point with old sling).

2. 25m F3 (17): Take off from the high spot on the right hand side of the ledge. Moving up and left, pull through the roof to a small ledge. Climb the crack / corner to below the large roof near the top of the cliff. Traverse right below the roof, and where the roof ends, move up and exit in the corner.

Opening Party - Phillip and Ingrid Uys November 1988

Start of Symphony of Pistons

MCSA Journal Articles

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