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Crag closed until further notice

Ezemvelo Nature Reserve Bouldering

Ezemvelo is a private nature reserve that has kindly given us as a climbing community access to the boulders in their beautiful reserve. The crag consist of hundreds of sandstone boulders situated along the Wilger river "canyon".

Any rock climbers are welcome, no membership required.

This is a crag for climbers by climbers, KEEP IT CLEAN and CIVILIZED.

More about Ezemvelo Nature Reserve at: Link;http://www.ezemvelo.co.za/


Directions to Reserve


Directions to the Crag.


Please be aware to see the boulders you need to scroll down along the river and it helps to turn satellite view or terrain view on to get a better idea of the terrain.

There is a map to the crag under the topo section at Link:https://27crags.com/crags/ezemvelo/topos/map-to-crag.

Maps are also available at reception.

Fees And Regulations

Ezemvelo Nature Reserve hold no responsibility for any climbing being done on the premises.

PLEASE make the receptionist aware that you are going climbing and sign the disclaimer agreement.

Entrance Cost

Ezemvelo Nature Reserve operate on a high and low season pricing.High season is typically in school holidays.

Entrance per person on average from +/-R45 per day

Car entrance on arrival +/-R25 per car

Rock Climbers can purchase a 20 entry pass at reception at discounted rates. ASK at reception for more information.


There is a variety of accommodation from camping to private chalets.

There is also climbers campsite located at the crag. This campsite has no water and no facilities. A maximum of ten people can camp there at a time. ASK at reception for more info.

For more information visit Link: http://www.ezemvelo.co.za/accommodation/


Please be aware that its a nature reserve where there is wild animals and other dangerous creatures. Therefore please abide by the rule and regulations of the nature reserve even when climbing.

Please NO LITTERING! - We follow a policy of what you take in you TAKE OUT!

Please Keep to the speed limit 40km/h. Relax the boulders won't go anywhere.

Please do not be destructive towards the environment. this include trees, plants, rocks, boulders ext...

Bouldering is only allowed on the western side of the river. please abide by this.

The Bouldering

Route Guide at


You can create your own profile at 27crags. comment on routes, log your climbs, and add more routes to any crag.

Enjoy the bouldering.

For more info, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Schalk Erasmus Tel: 081 512 3294 Email: topoutclimbing@gmail.com