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General Info

Private sport climbing crag-Permits from office .
3 minute walk in from restaurant. You can buy very good craft beer after

Guide book

Topo below.

Getting there

Total journey time is 2½-3½ hour drive North of Cape Town of which 1 hour is a good dirt road.
From Cape Town drive north on the N7. About after Citrusdal, take the turnoff to Algeria. Stay on the gravel road past Algeria for about 45 min, until you see the turnoff to the right to Krom River.
Follow the road to the Krom Rivier Campsite. Once at Krom Rivier campsite ask the office for directions (and permit) to Bobbejaankop.

Food & accommodation

Camping at Krom Rivier (
Prices are very good and campsites have electricity.
You need to take your own food for the duration of your trip (the last town is Citrusdal). or just eat at their great restaurant and Brewery. (


Sport climbing on Raumer glue-ins
Express anchors on some routes


Morning shade

Climbing Areas



  • 1-Overhang Cling (±20) IP: 2019
  • 2-Twin Slit (16/17)
  • 3-High Stretch (15/16)
  • 4-Haastig en so Lastig (19) FA: C. Tooze & B. Watts 2019
  • 5-Baboon Antics (14)
  • 6-Baboon Blues (14)
  • 7-Happy Weekend (15/16)
  • 8-Happy Ending (variation to 'Happy Weekend') (±20) IP: 2019
  • 9-Monkeying Around Direct (16)