Secret Garden Bouldering

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This boulder area is located right in the middle of Brits, a small town north of Pretoria. Take the main road from Hartebeespoort dam into Brits. At the first shops (pharmacy & garage) go right into VD Velden road. Go straight towards the hill in the distance. After you pass under the rail bridge, take the third road right. At the end of this road a paved road leads of left and up the hill. You are now entering private property so don’t act like an ape. Follow the paved road to the cul du sac and park out of the road. This is the WARZONE area with the Beach Landing boulder +- 20m from you. To get to the other boulder areas (Spokhuis,EW,Coffin boulders) follow the gravel path left of the WARZONE across the hill. You will notice a gravel path leading up the hill past the school grounds. This road is quite bad so check it out first. The paved road that leads to the BIG HOUSE ON THE HILL IS VERBOTEN!


  1. Do not remove vegetation if it is not necessary or worthwhile.
  2. Climb existing problems as is. Do not even alter the landing. The opening party had the balls, you can grow some.
  3. No projects! All problems on the RD marked as proje cts are only to show where good lines are. All problems are fair game.
  4. Some bolted routes exist at the Reservoir area but we do not have any info on them at present. NO FURTHER BOLTING WILL BE ALLOWED.
  5. There are people living here so be considerate when you let out your war cry.

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