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The ClimbZA Routes Wiki, an online rock climbing guide that you can edit. To edit the wiki you need to have a forum user name and be added to the wiki group. Please send us an email with your Climb ZA Forum user name to and we will add you to the wiki group. The reason for the extra step is to prevent spam posting on the wiki.


Rock climbing is a dangerous sport in which you can be seriously injured or even killed. This wiki is intended only for the use of experienced climbers who have the necessary expertise, experience and judgement to ensure their own safety.

Whilst we have made a reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of the information in this wiki, you make use of it entirely at your own risk. We are well aware that there are various errors in the descriptions and topos that we have scrounged from various sources. However, it is impossible for any one person to climb every one of these routes and check all the details. So, please regard this information as a guide only and exercise the necessary discretion.

The information in this guide will definitely change with time and is definitely NOT necessarily 100% accurate. These notes are simply an attempt to give you some idea of what to expect. It is up to YOU to determine the situation prevailing on each route you attempt and to exercise the necessary precautions.