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<display_points type="terrain" height="500">__NOTOC__-33The Eastern Cape offers a variety of different rock with lots of potential for new route development.715785The climbing venues are scattered broadly over the entire Eastern Cape. There are nearly 800 sport routes, 23hundreds of trad lines & a few bouldering areas.843001|[[Kleinrivier]]-33There are a few indoor bouldering venues. The largest is at Rhodes University.924301The climbing community is fairly small, 24but quite active & welcoming.249397 |[[Bobbejaankop & African Rennaissance]] -33Climbing days are mostly coordinated via various whatapp groups. For more information http://www.easterncaperockclimbing.927547, 24co.268979 |[[Bobbejaankop & African Rennaissance]]<za/display_points>or contact .
  {| class=== Eastern Cape "wikitable"|-! Area Name !! Featured Image !! Climbing Areas==Type !! Description|-| <big>[[Alicedale]]</big> || [[File:Clm0161b.jpg|thumb|link=]] || Bouldering || Sand stone quartzite with more than 700 boulder problems. [ Updated PDF guide] |-*| <big>[[KleinrivierNguniland]]</big> || ''image needed'' || Trad & Sport || Quartzite slabs outside Kareedow in the Langkloof. 9 sport routes & 26 trad lines. [ Updated guide]*|-| <big>[[Bobbejaankop Buffalo River]]</big> || ''image needed'' || Sport & Trad || 30km from East London. Short routes on dolorite, set in thick bush, 10 sport & African Rennaissance]about 500 trad routes. Some potential for more routes. Contact Allen Luck 083 756-4290 for access. [ Updated guide]*|-| [[Cape St Francis]]|| ''image needed'' || Bouldering || Seaside bouldering. About 210 problems, mostly easy to moderate. [ Updated guide]|-*| [[Cockscomb]] || [[Fort FordyceFile:Lsc0041b.jpg|thumb|link=]] || Trad || Prominent mountain peak near Port Elizabeth. Walk-in 5 hours.[ Updated guide] |-| Compassberg || ''image needed'' || Multi-pitch Trad || Multi-pitch trad routes on dolorite near Nieu Bethesda. [ Route guide is here]*|-| Crag-X Grahamstown || [[HogsbackFile:Clm0090b.jpg|'The Celestial Omnibus', Crag-X, Grahamstown|thumb|link=]]|| Example || Bouldering in Grahamstown.*|-| [[Morgan Fort Fordyce]] || '' image needed'' || Trad & sport || More than 70 sport routes & some trad. Dolorite. [ Updated PDF Guide]|-| Groot Rivier || ''image needed'' || Trad & sport || 30km from Plettenberg Bayin the direction of Port Elizabeth. 7 sport routes & an amazing pinnacle. [ On-line route discriptions]|- | Grips || ''image needed'' || Sport & Trad || A huge quartzite slab face at the eastern end of Baviaanskloof. Sport and trad routes. [ Updated guide]*|-| [[Pinnacle GorgeHogsback]]*|| [[The ShireFile:Clm0167b.jpg|Steven Reed on 'Starstruck', Hogsback, EC|thumb|link=]]|| Sport & Trad || Sport & trad routes on dolorite above Hogsback village. [ Updated PDF Guide]*|-| [[Howissen's Poort]] || ''image needed'' || Sport || 42 overhanging sport routes on sandstone quartzite close to Grahamstown. 1 minute walk-in. [http:/Scoops/ Updated guide]|-| Joubertina || ''image needed'' || Sport & Trad || Sport & Trad climbing on quarzite in the Kouga mountains. [ Updated guide]|-| [[Lady's Slipper]] || [[File:Clm0164b.jpg|Eric de Beer on After Dinner Mint Boulder at Lady Slipper, Eastern Cape|thumb|link=]]|| Trad, Sport & Bouldering || Quartzite, mix of overhanging & slab routes. 52 sport routes, 333 trad lines & more than 80 boulder problems. [ Updated guides] *|-| [[Windmill HoleMorgan Bay]]|| ''image needed'' || Trad || Sea cliffs with a subtropical feel, more than 600 short trad routes on dolerite. [ Updated guide]*|-| [[NSA, East London]]|| ''image needed'' || Predominantly sport climbing || In East London, smooth vertical mudstone or siltstone. More than 60 sport routes ranging from 16-32. There are a few trad routes. [ Updated guide]|-*| [[Buffalo RiverPinnacle Gorge]] || ''image needed'' || Sport & Trad || 37 sport routes & more than 450 trad lines on sandstone quartzite mix. Access is sensitive. Please contact for more information. |-| The Grots || ''image needed'' || Bouldering || Bouldering area near Grahamstown. Quartzite.[ Updated guide]|-| Van Stadens || [[File:Clm0160b.jpg|Hydrophilic, The Beach|thumb|link=]] || Sport || More than 300 sport routes on quartzite about 35km out of Port Elizabeth. [ Updated guide]|-| [[Waterkloof]] || [[File:Waterkloof-2010-16.jpg|Hydrophilic, Donovan Willis showing his guns on an unnamed 29 in Waterkloof, Eastern Cape|thumb|link=]] || Sport || The kloof is a sport climbers dream. The area is pristine, the rock is excellent, the walk-in is short and in summer the kloof stays very cool. Quartzite. [ Updated PDF guide]|-| [[Windmill Hole]] || ''image needed'' || Sport & Trad || In East London. 12 sport routes on vertical mudstone/siltstone ranging from 15-25. 15 trad routes. Easy walk-in. [ Updated PDF Guide] |} ==Eastern Cape Climbing Clubs==[ MCSA EP Section]and the [ Rhodes University Mountain club].


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