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-33.715785, 23.843001|[[Kleinrivier]]
-33.924301, 24.249397 |[[Bobbejaankop & African Rennaissance]]
-33.927547, 24.268979 |[[Bobbejaankop & African Rennaissance]]
= Eastern Cape Climbing Areas=
 ==Alicedale==Small bouldering area near Grahamstown, access still being negotiated. <gallery>File:Clm0161b.jpg|Bouldering at Alicedale</gallery> ==[[Bobbejaankop & African Rennaissance]]== ==[[Buffalo River]]==Close to East London The Eastern Cape offers a variety of different rock with short routes on dolorite, set in thick bush, 7 sport routes and over 100 trad routes. Good lots of potential for more routes herenew route development. Contact Allen Luck 083 756-4290 for access. ==[[The climbing venues are scattered broadly over the entire Eastern Cape St Francis]]== ==Cockscombe==A series of walls & kloofs (gorges) about an hour from Port Elizabeth. Mostly trad routes There are found here. Check with the MCSA for access conditions.<gallery>File:Lsc0041b.jpg|Cockscombe, Gorge 21File:Clm0075b.jpg|Gorge 20, CockscombeFile:Lsc0040b.jpg|Cockscombe, Gorge 9File:Clm0074b.jpg|Gorge 12, Cockscombe</gallery> ==Coffee Bay==Seacliffs, excellent short trad routes. Contact the Coffeeshack backpacker's lodge.  ==Compassberg==Multi-pitch trad routes near Nieu Bethesda. Contact the MCSA for details.  ==Coombs==Short nearly 800 sport routes near Grahamstown, access permanently closed due to climbers not following access requirementshundreds of trad lines & a few bouldering areas. Please check access carefully at crags before just rocking   ==Crag-X Grahamstown==Small crag with There are a bit of few indoor bouldering not too far from Grahamstownvenues.<gallery>File:Clm0090bThe largest is at Rhodes University.jpg|'The Celestial Omnibus'climbing community is fairly small, Crag-X, Grahamstown</gallery> ==[[Fort Fordyce]]==A few sport routes can be found here visit but quite active & welcoming. Climbing the Amatoles for days are mostly coordinated via various whatapp groups. For more information.  ==Graaf Reinet==Sport routes near the caravan park under construction. Contact Herman van Rensburg.  ==Grootrivierpoort==At the start of Baviaanskloof, a.k.a "Grips". Sport and trad routes. Contact Steven Reed from the MCSA.  ==Hellspoort==Crag near Grahamstown closed due to climbers littering!  ==[[Hogsback]]==Sport & trad routes near the beautiful town of Hogsback. Hogsback in the Amatola Region, Eastern Cape.<gallery>Filehttp:Clm0167b.jpg|Steven Reed on 'Starstruck', Hogsback, EC</gallery> ==[[Howissen's Poort/Scoops]]==Short sport routes close to Grahamstown.  ==Joubertina==Sport & Trad climbing in the Kouga mountains. Contact Steven Reed from the MCSA. ==Keinrivier== ==Lady Slipper==Some quartzite bouldering on a few boulders and about 90 trad lines up on the mountain. It is about 40km from Port Elizabeth.<gallery>File:Clm0164bwww.jpg|Eric de Beer on After Dinner Mint Boulder at Lady Slipper, Eastern CapeFile:Clm0091beasterncaperockclimbing.jpg|Brett Ribbink on 'The Lady's Slipper'File:Clm0163bco.jpg|Eric de Beer on Corner Cafe at Lady Slipper, Eastern Cape <za/gallery> ==Lalapanzi==A dolorite crag some 80km from East London (on the way to Morgan Bay). Only 7 trad routes have been openned so far.  ==[[Morgan Bay]]==Seacliffs, brilliant short trad routes with a few good sport routes on a mix of dolerite, sedimentary & granite. Route book at the Morgan Bay Hotel, or contact Derek Marshall on 083 681-8713 in East London. 315 routes here so far.  ==[[NSA, East London]]==In East London, some sandtone with 12 sport routes ranging from 17-26 and an open project with a few trad routes too.  ==[[Pinnacle Gorge]]==Morne v/d Mescht on 'The Pinnacle' Pinnacle Gorge, EC<gallery>File:Clm0166b.jpg|Morne v/d Mescht on 'The Pinnacle' Pinnacle Gorge, ECFile:Clm0165b.jpg|Morne v/d Mescht on 'Spider route', Pinnacle Gorge, ECFile:Clm0159binfo@easterncaperockclimbing.jpg|Morne v/d Mescht on Chasing the Sun, Pinnacle Gorge</gallery> ==Pompies Pillar==A short dolerite crag in East London with 1 sport route and a couple of trad lines, limited potentialco.  ==The Grots==Tiny bouldering area near Grahamstownza .  ==[[The Shire]]==  ==Van Staden's Gorge==
==Vanstadensriver Dam==
About 10 sport routes close to Lady's Slipper. Contact Steven Reed from the MCSA.
File:Clm0160b.jpg|Hydrophilic, The Beach
{| class="wikitable"|-! Area Name !! Featured Image !! Climbing Type !! Description|-| <big>[[Alicedale]]</big> || [[File:Clm0161b.jpg|thumb|link=]] || Bouldering || Sand stone quartzite with more than 700 boulder problems. [ Updated PDF guide] |-| <big>[[Nguniland]]</big> || ''image needed'' || Trad & Sport || Quartzite slabs outside Kareedow in the Langkloof. 9 sport routes & 26 trad lines. [ Updated guide]|-| <big>[[Windmill HoleBuffalo River]]</big> || ''image needed'' || Sport & Trad || 30km from East London. Short routes on dolorite, set in thick bush, 10 sport & about 500 trad routes. Some potential for more routes. Contact Allen Luck 083 756-4290 for access. [ Updated guide]|-| [[Cape St Francis]] || ''image needed'' || Bouldering || Seaside bouldering. About 210 problems, mostly easy to moderate. [ Updated guide]|-| [[Cockscomb]] || [[File:Lsc0041b.jpg|thumb|link=]] || Trad || Prominent mountain peak near Port Elizabeth. Walk-in 5 hours.[ Updated guide] |-| Compassberg || ''image needed'' || Multi-pitch Trad || Multi-pitch trad routes on dolorite near Nieu Bethesda. [ Route guide is here]|-| Crag-X Grahamstown || [[File:Clm0090b.jpg|'The Celestial Omnibus', Crag-X, Grahamstown|thumb|link=]] || Example || Bouldering in Grahamstown.|-| [[Fort Fordyce]] || '' image needed'' || Trad & sport || More than 70 sport routes & some trad. Dolorite. [ Updated PDF Guide]|-| Groot Rivier || ''image needed'' || Trad & sport || 30km from Plettenberg Bay in the direction of Port Elizabeth. 7 sport routes & an amazing pinnacle. [ On-line route discriptions]|- | Grips || ''image needed'' || Sport & Trad || A huge quartzite slab face at the eastern end of Baviaanskloof. Sport and trad routes. [ Updated guide] |-| [[Hogsback]] || [[File:Clm0167b.jpg|Steven Reed on 'Starstruck', Hogsback, EC|thumb|link=]] || Sport & Trad || Sport & trad routes on dolorite above Hogsback village. [ Updated PDF Guide]|-| [[Howissen's Poort]] || ''image needed'' || Sport || 42 overhanging sport routes on sandstone quartzite close to Grahamstown. 1 minute walk-in. [ Updated guide]|-| Joubertina || ''image needed'' || Sport & Trad || Sport & Trad climbing on quarzite in the Kouga mountains. [ Updated guide]|-| [[Lady's Slipper]] || [[File:Clm0164b.jpg|Eric de Beer on After Dinner Mint Boulder at Lady Slipper, Eastern Cape|thumb|link=]] || Trad, Sport & Bouldering || Quartzite, mix of overhanging & slab routes. 52 sport routes, 333 trad lines & more than 80 boulder problems. [ Updated guides] |-| [[Morgan Bay]] || ''image needed'' || Trad || Sea cliffs with a subtropical feel, more than 600 short trad routes on dolerite. [ Updated guide]|-| [[NSA, East London]] || ''image needed'' || Predominantly sport climbing || In East London with some , smooth vertical mudstone or siltstone. More than 60 sport routes ranging from 16-32. There are a few trad routes. [ Updated guide]|-| [[Pinnacle Gorge]] || ''image needed'' || Sport & Trad || 37 sport routes & more than 450 trad lines on sandstone quartzite mix. Access is sensitive. Please contact for more information. |-| The Grots || ''image needed'' || Bouldering || Bouldering area near Grahamstown. Quartzite.[ Updated guide]|-| Van Stadens || [[File:Clm0160b.jpg|Hydrophilic, The Beach|thumb|link=]] || Sport || More than 300 sport routes on quartzite about 35km out of Port Elizabeth. [ Updated guide]|-| [[Waterkloof]] || [[File:Waterkloof-2010-16.jpg|Hydrophilic, Donovan Willis showing his guns on an unnamed 29 in Waterkloof, Eastern Cape|thumb|link=]] || Sport || The kloof is a sport climbers dream. The area is pristine, the rock is excellent, the walk-in is short and in summer the kloof stays very cool. Quartzite. [ Updated PDF guide]|-| [[Windmill Hole]] || ''image needed'' || Sport & Trad || In East London. 12 sport routes on vertical mudstone/siltstone ranging from 1415-25 as well as 10 . 15 trad routes.Easy walk-in. [ Updated PDF Guide]
==Yellow SandsEastern Cape Climbing Clubs==About 25km from East London, an amazing short dolorite crag[http://www. Access is sensitive please first contact Derek Marshall on 083 681-8713easterncaperockclimbing. There are 3 bolted lines graded 20-24 MCSA EP Section] and a few trad lines with some development potentialthe [ Rhodes University Mountain club].


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