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|New Year's Revolution||23 ***||9D||.||Finish on the same chains as Of Mice and Men. For sure a full grade harder than OMAM. Due to broken foot grip a chain has been added to the second bolt to make it a bit easier to clip. Please do NOT remove this chain.
|Fire Fly||24 ***||.12D||.||Starts just right of the large overhang, and climbs an overhanging line up the arête. First ascent: 2004 R. & G. Lowther and C. Rudolph.
|Red Dragon||30 ****||.13D||.||Shares the first 3 bolts of Fire Fly, then branches left up to some steep climbing. First ascent: 2013 David Wade.
|Keep Walking Johnny||27 ***||.||.||Starts on a crimpy face up to a ledge. Follow the bolts to the right where the pump begins! Steep climbing up mostly good holds to the chains. Nice and long and pumpy! First ascent: 2005 Mark Seuring.


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