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|When I was young I had this dilemma||20 ***||7D,A||.||Formerly known as as 'Derek's Dilemma' - Dilemma indeed, but fun once you work it out. Beware of loose flakey rock on right hand side between bolts 5 & 6.First ascent: 2003 G. Frost and D. Margetts.
|Dilemma Direct||19? ***||6D,A||.||Clip the first 3 bolts of AM. With the 3rd bolt at your feet, move right onto the arete. Keep on or just left of the arete. Bolts sponsored by the MCSA JHB/MAG Section. First ascent: Feb 2014 D Talma
|Austin's Mojo||15 ***||7D,A||.||Climbs the left facing corner with 1m roof high up. Not as hard as it looks. First ascent: 2003 G. Frost and D. Margetts.


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