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[[TIMERITY Rap RouteAbseil descent 130m ]]
This rap abseil route is situated on the right (South West) edge of the Timerity buttress. Have a good look where it starts when at the bottom. From the top of Yellowwood amphitheatre head east along the top to where it descends to a depression (10 minutes from Smalblaar). Two features then become visible to guide you. The first one is a a huge boulder complex adjacent to a lone pine tree. The next is a large boulder complex that is left (North of this tree). Timerity abseil point is left (due North) of , and more or less in line with , these two points. Head towards the left boulder complex and curve left (North) heading down and look for stone cairns that will lead you to the abseil point.
The abseil point is visible by a long double loop of red rope that connects a peg to a two bolt station.
Abseil 50m 45m to a bolt and thread point.
Then abseil 35m to a chain thread point.


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