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'''Main Wall - Middle sector''' <br>
Watchtower Reverb (19/20) - P and A McCann 12/2016 <br> ''Go up Watchtower, after exiting open book, traverse left (use long sling to reduce rope drag), continue up''.<br>Beastmaster Variation Madam Beast (21) - P and A McCann 12/2016 <br> ''Bolted line between Watchtower and Lip Service (finishes as for on Watchtower from second last Watchtowerbolt). Variation Middle third of route and finish overlaps Beastmaster, a route opened up by John Orrock and Jono Fisher in 1988''.<br>BeastTower (20) - A combo of Madam Beast, Watchtower and Watchtower Reverb. Start on Madam Beast, move to Watchtower just before middle ledge and then onto Reverb. 30 metres of excellent climbing. Thanks to Brian and Margo for spotting the combo
= Weeds Area =


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