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==Restaurant Crag==
Please note that the best access to the Restaurant crags (and Gaper, Gym, Triple Tier) is to park at Tegwaan Country Getaway ( When you drive out of the main road of Boven heading to Tranquilitas, turn left after 2,5km into Tegwaan. This is 4,5km from the Tranquilitas Camp on your right. Drive straight towards the main houses (close the farm gate behind you) and park by the sign that says "Parking". Walk straight over the dirt track onto a hiking trail past some dams and follow signs for the "Stone Circle Trail". Along the trail, go over a T-juction onto a Y-split about 30m further. Take the left split and follow your nose towards the crags. Close to the little gorge where a small crag called The Gym is found, there is another Y-split in the path. The left trail goes to the Gym and Restaurant/Gaper areas. The right split goes to Triple Tier. Enjoy.
PLANETARY ALIGNMENT 23 **** [13D, A] Climbs the "hidden" line just right of WORLDS APART. FA: Gustav Janse van Rensburg 2016.
THUNDERSTUCK 22 *** [10D,A] Start steep under the overhang left of Miss Mac. FA: Mel and Gustav Janse van Rensburg 2016
THE ORANGE ONE ON THE RIGHT BY THE ABLUTIONS 23 *** [14D,A] Climb Glen for 8 draws onto the ledge, then blast straight up! FA: Gustav Janse van Rensburg 2019
==Left Wing==
SKELMPOES 22 *** [8D] Climb the arête but mostly stay on the pretty face right of Herman the German. Avoid fondling the jugs of the neighbour around the corner and enjoy the secret crack! FA: Tony dos Ramos BB: Gustav Janse van Rensburg 2019 Green Machine 18 *** [D] Start up the crack near the arete arête left of True Blue. A puzzling crux leads to an easier slab. FA: Thulani Mazibuko 2018 BB: Clive Curson 2018
True Blue 15 ** [12D] Takes the red corner about 25 - 30m R of the descent gully. FA: G Erens & R Dodding 1992 BB: Clive Curson 2018
Red Under the Bed 9 *** [8/12D] The alpine arete arête between True Blue and Wysiwyg, starting just left of and below Mellow Yellow - smaller Ubolts. Go diagonally left towards the arete arête then up to a ledge at half height. Lower from here or continue up to the Mellow Yellow anchors FA: 2018 BB: Clive Curson
Mellow Yellow 10 *** [10D] The face just left of the Wysiwyg corner, via a sickle feature about 5m up. FA: Clive Curson 2018
WYSIWYG 12 *** [11D] Climbs the obvious corner to the left of the large stacked roofs, 5m R of True Blue. Watch the blocks near the top FA: G Erens & R Dodding 1992 BB: Clive Curson 2018
CHACMA **** 23 22 [13D] Moves rightwards out of the Wysiwyg corner onto the beautiful face at half height. FA: Gustav Janse van Rensburg 2018
LO AND BEHOLD 19 **** [12D] Starts between two trees. Looks way too steep and blank for this grade, but be assured that excellent holds appear - especially just after the crux, where there seems to be a bit of a runout. Climb 5m right of New York Chocolate Fudge, at a fig tree. When the going gets tough, just keep cranking! FA: Clive Curson & Gustav Janse van Rensburg 2018
THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS 19 *** [11D???] The shallow corner. Route hasbeen retroboltedretro-bolted. FA: Russ Dodding & Gordon Erens 1991 Clive Curson 2018
==The Theatre==
===Animal Farm Sector===
This is the first crag past the waterfall facing NW on the opposite (to the mayhem) side of the valley.It starts from the largest descent gully with the pillar and runs right to the waterfall. It is sunny except early morning, evening and cloudy days;). Corners are in shade from 2:30 in summer. You can access the crag via the large pillar descent gully on the left, or via the descent gully right of "the platform" using the corridor entrance halfway down the gully.  Lines from Left to right: BROWN TOWN 19 **** - [Trad] Corner crack situated at the bottom of the pillar gully, just before 2m high roof. Kick things off by trust falling across the gap between the pedestal and wall to gain access to the corner crack. Bust through a small roof and continue up the widening crack to the top. Lekker climbing with good protection throughout! FA: Ryan McCallum September 2020. ZUNGUZUNGUGUZUNGGUZENG 14 ** - [Trad] Starts around the corner from BROWN TOWN, climb the obvious ledgey corner to the top. Was not cleaned, no loose rock but a fair amount of grass. FA Kieran Richards, Ryan McCallum, Ale Barerio, September 2020. CHIKAMASA 22 ***** - [Trad] Starts in a right facing corner 50m left of the corridor gully. Climb the thin fingertips corner to a good stem rest at a cubby. Climb the corner above to the small roof, jug haul through the roof and all the way to the top! Extremely fun climbing and good protection all the way! Cleaned and ready for action! FA: Kieran Richards, September 2020  BOXER'S CRUEL DEATH 14 - [Trad] 4m right of Chikamasa. Climb the jagged wide crack past the tree on one's right and up to a cubby capped by a small roof. Beware of the razor edge on your rope and runners. Top out and anchor on a shrub in the veld. FA Ale Bareiro September 2020.
Currently only one line here:ANIMAL FARM BECOMES MANNER FARM 17 - [Trad]Approximately 14m after exiting the  passageway, in a corner guarded by an outhouse sized block is a clean, consistent, right facing corner crack. FA Ale Bareiro, Ryan McCallum, Kieran Richards September 2020.
THIRD TIME LUCKY 23 *** Climb good holds to the ledge. Move out left and commence the fun up to the last bolt. Attach your giant balls and crush it to the top through some thin, lead out climbing. Bolted by Allister Fenton and Chris O'Donovan. FA Chris O'Donovan, March 2015.
===Burning Man Walls===


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