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'''Main Wall - Middle sector''' <br>
Watchtower Reverb (20) - P and A McCann 12/2016 <br> ''Go up Watchtower, after exiting open book, traverse left (use long sling to reduce rope drag), continue up''.<br><br>Watchtower Reverb Minor (17) <br> ''Up to lower off chains just before Reverb's exit moves.''<br><br>Madam Beast (21) - P and A McCann 12/2016 <br> ''Bolted line between Watchtower and Lip Service (finishes on joins Watchtower from at second last Watchtower bolt). Middle third of route and finish overlaps Beastmaster, a route opened up by John Orrock and Jono Fisher in 1988''.<br><br>BeastTower (20) - <br> ''A combo of Madam Beast, Watchtower and Watchtower Reverb. Start on Madam Beast, move to Watchtower just before middle ledge and then onto Reverb. 30 metres of excellent climbing. Thanks ''<br><br>Witches Brew (24) - P McCann 10/2019 <br> '' Route left of Finding Nemo''<br><br>'''Grey Wall to Brian the right of the Main Wall ''' <br><br>Mother tongue - P and A McCann 12/2019 <br> '' Through initial overhang and Margo for spotting the combotraverse left at 2nd bolt then up.''<br><br>Fatherland - P and A McCann 12/2019 <br> ''Shares first 2 bolts with Mother tongue and then trends right.''
= Weeds Area =


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