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Climbing TypeSport
Crag GradientOverhanging
Walk in10 minute flat walk
Crag AspectMorning Shade & Late Afternoon Shade
ProvinceWestern Cape
SectorBad Kloof

Supertubes (aka The Supertubes) is a very popular crag in the area called Bad Kloof in the town of Montagu. The walk in is +- 10 mins from the Eysenhuis (Ou Meul) side of Bad Kloof (about 3 minutes past Waterworld). Supertubes gets morning & late afternoon shade - In summer its best to climb here in the early morning or late afternoon. There are 15 bolted climbing routes SA grades 15-31. The best routes are very overhanging and powerful (don’t be fooled by the juggy starts!) The base is flat and very sandy (so bring a rope mat) and sand toys for the kids. Supertubes is also a great spectator crag to bring friends and family along to watch – expect a few gapers walking through the kloof to stop, ask questions and take a few photos.

Crag Overview

Supertubes (aka The Supertubes) is one of the most popular crags in Montagu. The best routes are very overhanging and powerful. The base is flat and very sandy (so bring a rope mat). This is a very nice spectators crag and very child friendly.

How to get there

Park at Montagu Mountain Reserve office. Walk into Bad Kloof as you would if you were walking towards the Avalon Springs. Follow the path until it crosses the river. The crag is at the river crossing on the south side of the kloof.

Fees, Permits, Etc

Date Feb,2012: There is a R10 entry fee to walk into the kloof. A yearly permit can also be purchased from the Montagu Mountain Reserve office.

Crag Photo

Supertubes Crag in Badkloof, Montagu

Route List

Supertubes Routes from Left to Right

1. Wax my Gun and have some Fun 21/6b+ 6 Bolts FA. T Hyde. 1999.
2. The Dumper 15/5b 7 Bolts FA. Stuart Brown. 2004.
3. Beach Break 19/6a+ 7 Bolts FA. Stuart Brown. 2004.
4. Whoa She Poopie 29/7c+ 10 Bolts BB. Sean Maasch. FA. Justin Hawkins. 1998.
5. Point Break 29/7c+ 10 Bolts FA. Jono Fisher. 1991. Endurance pump! Try not to let go of the big jug at the finish
6. Rad and Bad 29/7c+ 10 Bolts FA. Mike Roberts. 1991.
7. Surf and Turf 23/6c+ 7 Bolts <add FA>
8. Leap Tide 27/7b+ 9 Bolts FA. Stuart Brown. 2004. Shares same chains as Thruster
9. Thruster 26/7b 7 Bolts FA. Sean Maasch. 1992. Classic route!
10. Triple Stinger 26/7b 7 Bolts FA. Sean Maasch. 1991.
11. J-Bay 28/7c 9 Bolts FA. D Wiemar. 1997.
12. Wipe-Out 31/8a+ 5 Bolts FA. Clinton Martinengo. 2012.
13. Hypoxia 29/7c+ 7 Bolts FA. G Hoerhager. 1996.
14. First Wave 25/7a+ 5 Bolts FA. Jeremy Ward. 1998.
15. <unknown> <add details>

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