The Scoop

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The Shooting Gallery, Donker Kloof
The Scoop

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Climbing TypeSport
Crag GradientOverhanging
Walk in20 mins
Crag AspectMorning Shade, Late Afternoon Shade
ProvinceWestern Cape
SectorDonker Kloof

The Scoop Routes - Walk past the Cauldron for another 2 minutes. You will see the Scoop on the left.

  • Routes from the LEFT of the crag towards the RIGHT.
1. Hold to Dreams 17/5c 4 Bolts FA. I Pelser. 2021.
2. Flow Feels 16/5b 5 Bolts FA. I Pelser. 2021.
3. Rock Cleavage 22/6c 5 Bolts FA. E Maguire. 1996.
4. Mangled Metal 23/6c+ 5 Bolts FA. E Maguire. 1996.
5. Archaeopteryx 26/7b 5 Bolts FA. J Colenso. 1993.
6. Neanderthal Rex 27/7b+ 6 Bolts FA. D Ward. 1993.
7. Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal 29/7c+ 6 Bolts FA. A Davies. 1995.
8. Not for Sale 31/8a+ 6 Bolts FA. S Maasch. 1997.
9. Cool Like That 29/7c+ 8 Bolts FA. G Holwill. 1994. Classic route - all you need is endurance!
10. Ben Dover 29/7c+ 8 Bolts FA. B Harper. 2004.
11. Monkey Pump 29/7c+ 7 Bolts FA. A Davies. 1994.
12. Chomp 29/7c+ 6 Bolts FA. J Samson. 1995.
13. Catholic Schoolgirls Rule 30/8a 7 Bolts FA. J Samson. 1996.
14. Taste The Pain 4 Bolts <Open Project> First opened at 29/7c+ by S maasch (1996). Re-opened at 33/8b+ by F Nicole (2002) after holds broke off. More holds broke. Awaiting re-re-opening.
15. The Optimist 27/7b+ 4 Bolts FA. J Colenso. 1993. Go for the onsight, fall off and then send the route on your 2nd attempt!
16. Dark Heart 28/7c 4 Bolts FA. J Hawkins. 2002.
17. Phoenix Rising 25/7a+ 4 Bolts FA. I Pelser. 2022.