The Underside

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The Underside is a new (2006) sport crag being developed by Guy Holwill and others. It is above the Mine and below Topside (hence the name). The crag consists of a series of roofs that can be seen from Ou Kaapse Weg.

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Park at the top of Ou Kaapse Weg, on the Muizenberg side. Parking costs R5 per car (October 2006). Walk past the old boulder (i.e., the Silvermine Boulder) to the end of the road, follow the big path up the hill, turn left on top and walk for about 5 mins until you see a clump of boulders about 20m off the path on the right (you might see chalk). These are the Turtle boulders. If you get to the fork in the path (near the big overhang) you have gone several hundered metres too far.

From the Turtle boulders turn left (down). Follow the "path" to a big ledge (approx 100m), then go right along the big ledge for approx 150m before going down a small gully. Keep following the path down and right. For the Faithless Wall - keep going along the big ledge. It all becomes very obvious on your second visit.


Killers Wall

  • Hot Fuss 21 5B Andrew Koch January 2006
  • Smile Like You Mean It 22 5B Guy Holwill January 2006
  • Mr Brightside 22 5B Guy Holwill January 2006

Middle Buttress

  • Life's Too Short 24 3B Guy Holwill April 2006
  • When You Were Young 21 7B Guy Holwill November 2006

Beginners' Wall

  • Absolute Beginners 15 3B Andrew Koch January 2006
  • Beginners Luck 14 3B Patrick McCann January 2006
  • The Love Generation 19 3B Guy Holwill January 2006
  • Woza Moya 19 5B Doug Ward February 2006

Underside Wall

  • Hey Jupiter 34 7B (grade to be confirmed) Steven Bradshaw June 2009

This route is totally awesome. The buttress is made of bullet hard smooth grey sandstone, and it overhangs at 45 degrees. It takes the only line of holds up the buttress.

  • How Peculiar 20 5B Guy Holwill January 2006
  • Bullet in a Bible 23 4B Guy Holwill January 2008
  • (name unknown) 25 6B
  • American Idiot 27 5B Guy Holwill March 2006
  • Fly Me to the Moon 26 6B Chevaan Patience
  • The Italian Job 27 9B Phlip Olivier Dec 2013
  • Tyrant 24 7B Doug Ward March 2006
    Sustained. Not a giveaway at 24.

Rightside Wall

  • Megan 26 9B Steve Downing July 2007
  • Abigail 18 5B M vd Westhuizen February 2006

Faithless Wall

  • Muhammed Ali 21 3B Guy Holwill May 2006
    Just above and slightly left of the Faithless Wall
  • Tarantula 30 5B Steve Bradshaw (snr) Feb 2014
  • Irreverence 25 5B Guy Holwill June 2006
  • Salva Mea 22 4B Guy Holwill April 2006
  • Don't Leave 23 4B Guy Holwill Nov 2007
  • Drifting Away 19 4B Guy Holwill April 2006
  • Want More (Part 1) 21 4B Doug Ward June 2006
  • I Want More (Part 2) aka Mass Destruction 25 5B Guy Holwill September 2006
    Follows the route up the steep prow on the right of the crag, then goes thru the roof at the top