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Vision, Keur Kloof

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Climbing TypeSport & Multi-pitch Sport
Crag GradientVertical
Walk in40 minute uphill walk
Crag AspectAfternoon Shade
ProvinceWestern Cape
SectorKeur Kloof

An excellent crag with a number of easy routes, there is also a stunning two pitch route graded 16/5 which is awesome. 35 mins uphill walk. Afternoon shade. Please be careful when moving over the pipe that is in place.

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Vision Climbing Routes from Left to Right

1. Haven't got a Clue 5+/18 3B FA: A. Naude 1996
2. Breakthrough 5/17 2B FA: G Kruger 1996
3. Captain Hindsight 5+/18 4B FA: E Pelser 2021
4. Soothsayer 6a/19 5B FA: E Pelser 2021
5. Epiphany 5+/18 3B FA: E Pelser 2021
6. The Visionary 6b/21 12B ***** FA: C Edelstein 2021 Start low on the left and do steep moves to the overhang on the right. Climb into the recess for one or two moves and then continue up the arete to the lower offs shared with The Oracle
7. The Oracle 7b/26 12B ***** FA: E Pelser 2021
8. Sink the Pink 7b+/27 10B ***** FA: A Davies 1996
9. Unless First a Dream 7a+/25 10B ***** FA: A. Naude 1996
10. Wild and Wet 7a/24 14B ***** FA: G Kruger 1996
11. Lady of Lourdes 7b+/27 11B ****** FA: Jamie Smith 2008
12. Forever Friends P1 - 14, P2 - 18 P1 11B, P2 7B **** FA: G Kruger & A. Naude 1996
13. Rhyme and Reason 7a/24
14. The Last Stop 7a+/25 FA: J Samson 1998
15. Mad Trad 18 Trad FA C Edelstein and I Pelser Aug 2021 Climb the crack system left of Take Two but exit left into the corner where there are teetering blocks. Continue up this to exit onto grey rock to the right of the gully. Continue climbing up the arete tending back right to top out above and left of Take Two lower offs.
16. Déjà vu 6b+/22 13B FA: E Pelser 2022
16. Take Two 6b+/22 13B FA: J Samson 1998
17. Project G Kruger Project to the right of Take Two

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